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Why trust us as your go-to Optics in Calgary?

New Wave Optical offers an extensive range of eyewear accessories, such as cases and custom sunglasses, catering to those who appreciate the beauty of Calgary’s outdoor spaces. Additionally, we provide comprehensive eye exams and personalised consultations tailored to your specific requirements. Our selection includes various top-designer frames for eyeglasses and sunglasses and essential eyewear options.

We have you covered if you need prescription eyeglasses, including bifocals, progressives, high-index lenses, or prescription sunglasses. Specialising in Specialty Eyewear like sports glasses and protective eyewear, we can address specific needs such as SCUBA diving. Trust us to assist you in finding the right glasses for your unique requirements, complemented by various lens treatments.

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Health Funds

If your health fund includes optical extras, we facilitate direct claims on your behalf.

Eye Care Services

At New Wave Optical, we emphasise delivering quality eyecare services at excellent affordability.

Behavioural Optometry

Behavioural optometry involves a comprehensive approach to addressing vision and perceptual issues.

Full Eye Exam

Blurry Vision? Book a Full Eye Exam at New Wave Opticals today!

Comprehensive Eye Care Excellence

Exclusive Benefits, Swift Services and Complementary Care

Exceptional Service & Benefit Cards

Discover exclusive benefits through our Special Service & Benefit Cards.

Fast 1-hour Service

Swift and efficient – experience our 1-hour fast service for quick eyewear solutions.

Cleaning & Frame Adjustment

Cleaning & frame adjustments for a refreshed & comfortable eyewear experience.

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